New Obsession: Torani Syrups

I am really obsessed with Torani syrups.  Sure, I liked them before – hello, caramel lattes from Starbucks – but I have recently discovered what great additions they are to just about everything.  Some Torani syrups are sold in supermarkets, but you can also find tons of them through their website, or even a good selection in stores like World Market.

These syrups literally come in pretty much every flavor.  You’ve got your standard vanilla, caramel, chocolate, hazelnut (and all their sugar-free versions), plus other fun ones, like toasted marshmallow, peanut butter, coconut, cupcake, cookie dough…I want them all.  Then I could technically have cupcakes for breakfast and not be judged.  Sounds like a win!  However, Torani also has a bacon syrup.  That’s right, BACON.  Those of you who know me know that I have a minor bacon obsession.  (I obviously tried the bacon sundae at BK already.  If you want to talk about judgment, woah.  Just tell people you’ve tried it and see what happens.  Apparently most people aren’t that committed to bacon.)

Bacon Sundae. It happened. Deal with it.

Anyway, sometimes once I get started on how much I love bacon, I can’t stop.  So back to the syrups.  And one additional wild sidenote:  rumor has it that Torani is coming out with a chicken and waffles syrup.  what.  the.  heck.

Like I said, these are great in coffee when you want a little flavor pick-me-up, but they are also so great for baking!  Lately, I have been adding a couple teaspoons of salted caramel Torani to my chocolate cupcakes, and it boosts the chocolate flavor and made them just that much moister.  Excellent.  I added some vanilla syrup to a whipped vanilla frosting, and it made the frosting just a little bit creamier and added an extra kick of vanilla.  Plus, it is clear, so the frosting ended up being a purer white than it is when using normal vanilla extract.  Perfect.

Torani also makes a whole bunch of fruit-flavored syrups, from blackberry to passion fruit and everything in between!  (Right now I feel like a toss-up between a spokesperson for bacon and for Torani syrups.  Sorry but I am just really into both these things.)  Fruit syrups are great for additions to baking as well (super strawberry frosting!), but they have one other fantastic use, and that is for making italian sodas.  All you need is some tonic water or club soda, a couple pumps of your favorite fruity Torani syrup, and a few ice cubes.  Presto, a refreshing little drink for a perfect summer picnic.  Or use the syrups to add a splash of extra fruit flavor to your sangria recipe.  Or ohmygodthepossibilitiesareendless.

And one more thing I excited to use Torani syrups for?  Flavoring homemade ice cream.  That’s right.  It will happen.  I will be stocking up on flavors and using them to make treats and drinks even more delicious all summer.  In fact, I want a Torani cabinet like some people have a liquor cabinet.  And seriously, that bacon syrup is first up.

Bacon and cookie dough and apple, oh my, 

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